Live webcast on Defining How and Where People Should Work

The global experiment, 'work from home', was a success. A new future is possible.

Remote-ability will define how and where people will work in the future. 81% of surveyed firms are currently updating their remote working programs. Organizations need to evaluate the remote-ability of roles, their office networks and the role of the office or workspace. Join our Aon experts as they explore this evolving landscape and how remote working is creating opportunities to future-proof the workforce.

 The session will focus on:
  • Return to Work and the Future of the Office:
Understanding ‘remote-ability’ of roles, optimal working models for individuals and rationalizing the real estate footprint.

  • Location Strategies:
Balancing people and workforce agility considerations when rethinking location strategy and reshaping the workforce for the future.
Accounting for growth, efficiency, productivity and remote-ability in determining where and how people will work in the future.

  •  Future Skills & Access to Future Talent:
Understanding future skills, their implication for workforce location and how to leverage local, regional or global talent pools.
Determining the right talent strategy in the context of growth, efficiency, productivity and remote-ability considerations.

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